Four Ways to Help Eliminate Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning can be stressful and all-consuming. To be honest, it’s basically a full-time job, and if you already have a full-time job… then that’s just too much. 

You’ve been trying to figure out how to de-stress and relax for a while now. Every time you get close to doing something relaxing, something happens and you end up back on the phone with some vendor or trying to figure out if Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim can be at the same table without causing a scene.

Not this time.

Because this time you’re going to be armed with the tips and tricks that have helped other soon-to-be’s bust stress and truly relax. So give these tips a try and see if they work for you too...

Tip 1: Schedule a Day at the Spa

Everyone can use a day at the spa. You can get a massage, a facial, or get your hair trimmed. We recommend all three! Make sure you find a day spa that offers champagne, wine, and maybe even some small plates. This way you can really take the whole day to enjoy yourself, away from the wedding stress, away from home, away from everything. People think that massage is just good for sore or tight muscles, or that a facial is just going to make your skin brighter. But that’s not true. The services that you can get at a day spa will leave you feeling like a brand new person. It will help unwind your mind. The things that were overwhelming and stressful will feel simple and easy to manage. So go treat yourself and get your zen back.

WARNING: One common mistake people make when doing a spa day is bringing the wrong people. Either go alone or go with your most chill friend that isn’t going to stir up any drama.

Tip 2: Go for a Hike!

This option may not be for everyone but it is highly recommended. You may be saying, “I go for walks around my neighborhood.” Getting out into nature away from society has a completely different effect. This Stanford University study shows that hiking in nature has a tremendous positive impact on mental health and stress. With a quick google search or the app All Trails, you can find hikes in your area that meet your physical needs. You don’t need to hike to the top of an 8,000-foot mountain but the important thing is that you are in a place that doesn’t remind you of everyday life. This change of scenery plus the physical activity is going to completely change your mindset. So go ahead, get out there, and for maximum effect, put your phone on silent so your life doesn’t impede your quiet time.

Don’t Forget: Bring water to stay hydrated and if you're going it alone, make sure you let someone know where you are headed for the day.

Tip 3: Watch A Rom-Com

You don’t have to set up the projector and do an outside movie night but just getting on the couch and getting some snacks is enough! Romantic comedies, although cheesy at times, are a great way to really relax. Some of those thrillers and horror movies are just too intense! They leave you feeling more stressed or worried that something is going to come for you. A few great recent rom coms are Love Simon, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Big Sick.
These are great movies to get the feels going and have a good laugh at life. Laughter is proven to reduce stress! Who doesn’t love a night in with tons of snacks and cozy blankets! Enjoy!

Bonus Tip: Make sure you make the most delicious popcorn! Check out this recipe. 

Tip 4: Download Headspace

Have you heard of Headspace? I’m sure you have, it seems like everyone and their mother is on it trying to get some peace of mind. The crazy thing is… it actually works! What is Headspace? Headspace is an app that teaches you to meditate and become more mindful. It has a free beginner course on meditation and mindfulness. Then you can subscribe to their library of guided meditations and how-to videos on everything mindfulness.  So if you're looking to find some peace of mind without taking a day to go to the spa or if you're scared that you’re going to get lost in the woods, then Headspace is for you. You can use it as much as you want throughout the day and they have meditations of every length. So if you think that you need to go full-on-monk, you don’t! You can still reap the benefits of meditation in only ten minutes a day. Learn to relax with Headspace.

In sum: De-stressing is actually fairly simple when you apply one or more of the above tips. So let me leave you with one last tip...

Choose one of the tips above, get it in your calendar, start planning it out, whatever you need to do… just get started!

So get to it – you’re going to be glad you did!

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